Engagement Hub revamp - AutoTrader

So after Webinar World 2019 in London I decided that our Engagement Hub wasn’t pretty so decided a revamp was in order. What do you guys think? Any good??



Hi Guy! This is awesome! You should definitely submit for our Webinars that Rocked competition. We have a section for Engagement Hubs this year :slight_smile:

Thanks Tiffany, always looking to improve where we can, we are still infants on our webinar journey. We will be discussing the webinars that rocked with our CSM later today. Guy.

Looks really pretty, Guy. I really like how the high production values of your webinars and videos are reflected in your new Engagement Hub. It was great to actually get to discuss your use of the platform at WWL.

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This looks great! Well done Guy!

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Thanks everyone, does anyone have examples of the new registration page carousel designs that I could look at? After a little inspiration.

Hi Guy! We just switched to the new layout for this month’s installment of our ‘Ask the Expert’ micro-webinar series. We are still in the process of getting new banners made, but here is one example:

Feel free to register and watch on-demand later. Each month the topics vary as this is an open forum, designed to give our clients quick answers to their stirring questions.

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Looks good! Where is it featured on your main site though? I was wondering how customers reach that hub and couldn’t see anything on the www.autotrader.co.uk homepage.

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Hi Osman, that is our consumer website, we use this for our dealer network on our trade website here: